Friday, November 8, 2013

The Can Opener From H**l

A month or so ago we went in search of a new can opener, wasn't sure exactly what kind I wanted, other than the fact I wanted one that was easy to operate and actually opened cans.  At Target the man in the small appliance department assured me that if I bought the small, magnetic Hamilton Beach can opener that I would love it.
I don't!  I HATE it!  In the month or so that we've had it I've not managed to open one can with it.  After some studying and fiddling with it Mac now gets it to work every time and has tried to show me what to do.  I follow his directions and try and try and try.  It will not work for me.
I want to take it out back and throw it as far as I can, hopefully at least nicking the salesman who assured me I'd love it.
So, I'm looking for a new can opener because I refuse to have to call my husband in every time I need a can opened.
Who has a can opener they actually like?


  1. That was me, I don't know why Anon shot up!

  2. We have a recently bought can opener which I thought didn't work at all, then I realised it was actually opening the tin but all the time keeping it looking like it was still in tact; you then had to pull the top from the can with some force! Much preferred my old one.

  3. This is so funny, you really have made me laugh!
    We just use a very old fashioned can opener, one that you might have used as a kid. Works every time. xx


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