Saturday, November 16, 2013

Why Nothing is Getting Done Around Here

I've been working on a pink afghan throw forever, but it's still not done.  I have a Christmas throw cut out and partially sewn, but it's laying on the floor in my sewing room undone.
 I still haven't mastered Pachel
bel's Canon in D.
Excuse the shadows please
Why, other than the fact that I probably suffer from ADD and can't  sit still long enough to get anything done are these projects not done?  It's because when we were out in California my sister-in-law was working on a jigsaw puzzle, she said it was good for your brain and helped ward off Alzheimer.  Well, I like jigsaw puzzles, use to work them all the time, with the help of one of my cats (picture puzzle pieces flying every where) and Lord know my brain needs all the help it can get, so I ordered myself a puzzle, it's of a painting I've always liked.
What it should look like
I don't work at it constantly, just a bit each day , and so it's nowhere near done, but it keeps me distracted from everything else.  When it's done I'm shipping it out to my sister-in-law who's a whole lot younger and quicker at finishing puzzles ( she says she gets them done in a day or so) and I hope she has fun with it too!
What it looks like so far


  1. Your a busy bee too. I like your projects and I've always love that painting..what a great puzzle.

  2. I enjoy doing jigsaws too and have one upstairs waiting for me to start it. Back in UK today after a great holiday but jet lagged - off to bed any minute now then hoping to feel more human tomorrow.

  3. Glad you had a good trip and made it home safely.

  4. I only just learned to crochet, but now that it's getting colder here in Texas I'm thinking I need to start an afghan as well to keep me warm!! I know people complain about making blankets in the summer, but it's perfect craft for winter!!

  5. I have always loved that painting. What a fun puzzle to work on.

  6. Hello Mac'n Janet, thank you for stopping at my blog and leaving a comment!
    I just had a quick look at your blog and like what I see.

    At the venue where RJ and I often go for ballroom dancing on Saturday nights, they have a framed print of that painting in the hallway.

  7. I just started a jigsaw yesterday - just a 500-piece one, but enough to keep my brain ticking over for now. We have a tradition of always doing a jigsaw over Christmas, so that one will be next. Helps keeps the fingers out of the chocolate box(es)...

  8. I've never had the wits for jigsaws, can remember my Dad working at them in the winter.
    I've been suspecting that not all my music has made the numerous moves with me--was looking for a copy of Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring--now I'm reminded that I should have Pacelbel also.


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