Saturday, February 21, 2015

Beautiful Day

A gift from Mac, he  bought it while out grocery shopping, so pretty.  He's so thoughtful, I honestly don't know how I would have made it through these weeks without him.
Everything connected with being sick here has been thrown into the washing machine today, pillows, afghans, nighties, everything.
While laying around on my couch this last couple of weeks I thought a lot about the materials Mac kept covering me up with---he was determined that I was not going to get cold--- and it reminded me of the fabrics I can't stand against my skin.
I love wool, the feel of it, the texture, but I cannot tolerate it against my skin, makes me itchy and scratchy, drives me crazy.  If there's something between it and my skin I'm ok, but no direct contact.
Same goes for cashmere and that drives me wild, I adore cashmere.  I waited years to be able to buy good cashmere sweaters and scarves only to discover I can't wear it.  Makes me itch and wheeze.  Same goes for angora another fur I love.
I'm stuck with synthetics, they're ok, nice to look at and touch, but just not the same.  I'm ok with cotton and linen, but on a cold winter's day it's just not the same.
Too delicate for my own good.


  1. I'm the same with wool. I can't wear it on bare skin, must have another layer (preferably cotton) underneath.

  2. Beautiful flowers! You must be allergic to the wool. Do you get asthma?


  3. Don't feel bad about not liking wool on your skin. No one has to. Silk gives me the willies, too. Cotton's the real deal for me.

  4. How sad that you cannot tolerate wool. Cotton is good and we have on our bed for the winter brushed cotton or is it called flannel. It's soft and cosy, never feels cold even when you first get under it.

  5. How annoying for you about the cashmere especially!! Glad that you are continuing to improve and that Mac has taken such good care of you - well done Mac!! xx


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