Friday, February 6, 2015

Five on Friday

I'm late, I should have posted this already, but we've been down in Florida, in the Everglades.  It was fantastic, we went last year and fell in love with the place, but I'm wiped out.  So it's mid-day on Friday and I'm finally getting around to posting.
So after looking through my five please stop by the other bloggers who are part of the Five on Friday group that Amy at Love Made  My Home has put together, I've listed them at the bottom of my Blog.
My five are some of the things we saw in the Everglades.

First has to be the alligators.  We have alligators here in Georgia, we even have one that lives in the lagoon out back, but we have nothing to compare to the alligators their growing down there.

This was a Mama alligator with 2 or 3 young ones, if we got too close she hissed at us.
You've not lived till you've been hissed at by an alligator.

Second  are the birds.


Blue Heron

Flock of Ibis

Purple Gallinule



Rosy Spoonbill, hard to catch the color it was very pink caused by the shrimp they eat


Third are the boardwalks that went back into the mangrove swamps.

This was at Big Cypress Swamp

Fourth are the tree crabs

They are omnivorous and enjoy tree leaves.

And fifth is the Everglades by moonlight.

We also saw a manatee and a dolphin, but were unable to get a picture of either, couldn't predict when or where they were going to come up out of the water.

Didn't see, and we're glad we didn't, the Burmese pythons that are becoming a threat to the wildlife in the park.
Love the Everglades, this wasn't our first trip and I'm sure it won't be our last.

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  1. Love the birds but not too sure about the alligators. Fantastic place to visit.

  2. Very happy about the birds,but the alligators gave me the heebyjeebies!
    Jane x

  3. What an absolutely fascinating place - I have been to the US many times but never to this area - wonderful.

  4. I feel like I've been on a tour with "Crocodile Dundee", what great photos.

  5. What an interesting post but for the everglades no thank you.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. So many amazing and interesting things to see, I am a scaredy cat though, so I'm not sure about the alligators or the crabs, but definitely up for the dolphins and manatees! Oh and the birds as well! Thank you for joining in. xx

  7. I have never heard of tree crabs before, and wouldn't like to be hissed at by an alligator, but I have seen the gentle manatees in Florida.

  8. What amazing creatures you saw and photographed on your visit:)

  9. You saw some beautiful birds, and I'm sure had some fine weather. I'm envious! I've never heard of a tree crab.

  10. What a fantastic trip, so much wildlife in those swamps! Love that little purple bird, especially, never seen one before :-)


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