Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Out to Lunch

Out today for the first time in almost 3 weeks and it didn't involve a doctor visit.  It should have, but it didn't.  I picked up my B-12 shot and was hoping to have it administered at CVS's Minute Clinic, but the area around the clinic was full of coughing people and it would have been around a 2 hour wait, so we left.  I'll call my doctor tomorrow and see if I can get the shot on Friday.
It's cold and rainy here, but considering it's snowing in Atlanta ( I'm think of you Georgia Girl With An English Heart) I won't complain.
We had numerous errands to run including getting a new battery for my car, it's dead again.  That makes 4 times it's failed me so I bought a new one.  Boy batteries have gotten expensive.  I told Mac that if this had happened to us years ago we wouldn't have been able to afford a new battery.  He said yeah, we'd have been moving the one in his car back and forth between the cars.
Then it was off to lunch, nothing fancy, just some Italian.  We'd had some bad pizza last week and we wanted to drive the taste from our memories.  So Olive Garden it was, endless salad, soup, breadsticks and a small entrée, spaghetti for me, chicken meatballs for Mac.  It was quiet, the service was decent, the food was fine.  Made for a nice afternoon out.
Then grocery shopping and nap time.  A good finish to a wet day.


  1. Glad you are feeling much better
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. I'm pleased to hear you are feeling better, its good to get a breath of fresh air when you have been couped up for a while. Lunch out sounds a good way to go :-)

    Hope you manage to get your B12 injection done, I took my Mum for her last loading one last Friday, thats 6 in 2 weeks, she is now starting to feel the benefits of them, next one is May :-)

    Enjoy your day x

  3. Love the sign - that's enough to make you feel better, and the food sounds equally good - so hope you are really on the mend.

  4. I am glad you are feeling better! I hope you continue to improve quickly now. x

  5. Sometimes it is nice to get out and do errands and have something nice to eat, not fancy, just nice isn't it! Glad that you are continuing to improve! xx

  6. We like Olive Garden. We went a couple of weeks ago, for Valentines Day with a gift card we got for Christmas. Love the salad, bread sticks. Don had a chicken dish, I had the tour of italy.

    Glad you are up and about and feeling better.


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