Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thursday in the Swamp

Hot, hot, hot.  It is definitely summertime in the south.  I mowed the lawn today, early.  Did a load of laundry and though it's hot enough to dry everything, it's humid enough to keep everything wet, isn't that nice.  Do not want to use our dryer, too hot, I'm trying to keep the house cool.
And now for something completely different: snails.  I've probably mentioned this before, I'm afraid of snails, no let me rephrase that, I'm terrified of snails.  I live in fear of touching one or of one touching me.  We camped in Bavaria for about a month one time and I must have gone through a dozen boxes of salt laying  down a barrier around our tent.
When I found out that people ate the little blighters I was horrified.  My daughter assures me that they're quite tasty, but I don't care, I'd starve first. The first time I saw people in a German gasthaus eating great big vineyard snails I couldn't believe it.
So when we travel the first thing I have to do is to learn the word for snail in whatever country we're traveling to.  I want to be able to order from a menu and not worry about accidentally ordering them.
What I've learned:
German  Schnecke
French    Escargot
Spanish   Caracol
Turkish    salyangoz
Italian      lumaca
Dutch      slak
For our next trip the word for snail is csiga, anyone know what language that is?
For Japanese I'm depending on our daughter
In Cambodia I've decided I probably won't eat anything

Are there any foods you'd walk a mile to avoid?


  1. That's a really good idea to learn the word for snail in all those languages. You shouldn't be caught off guard then. Csiga...Polish? Russian? It has an Eastern European look to me, but I'm not sure. I think the main food I would avoid is anything very eggy, eggs themselves but also custards, stuff like that. I hate the way they feel in my mouth. Other than that, probably the standard stuff like organ meats, moldy or rotting food like they eat in some places, that kind of thing. I'm not a picky eater, really, more of a careful one after two terrible bouts of food poisoning in my life so far.

  2. I am not into snails or molluscs for that matter - csiga Hungarian

  3. Replies
    1. I hate cottage cheese, but I'm not afraid of it, I'm afraid of snails.

    2. I hate cottage cheese, but I'm not afraid of it, I'm afraid of snails.

  4. Your post brought a smile to me today. I'm not afraid of snails but they do mess with my garden. My little grandson loved to eat escargot every time we cruised. He's now six and still eats them! Stay cool, Pat xx

  5. Raw fish just looking at it makes me feel ill.

  6. I don't think eating snails is any different from eating mussels or prawns. I am not keen on either but would definitely eat them if hungry. My husband loves snails and orders them whenever we visit France. I'll give you the Swiss German for snail, just in case you travel to Switzerland anytime soon: Schnägg :-)

  7. I often eat snails when we are in France but they are a menace in my garden!

  8. I'm with you on the snails. I'm not afraid of them, just the thought of eating them doesn't appeal at all. I eat shellfish but that's different somehow. I'd walk a mile to avoid goats cheese though, can't abide it.
    When travelling to unfamiliar places I stick to vegetarian food, if the meat can't be easily identified.

  9. I definitely do not do shellfish, mayonnaise or salad cream. Wouldn't eat snails either cone to think of it:)


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