Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday in the Swamp

Well it's officially hot here, hit 100º on Friday, though, surprisingly enough, the humidity isn't too bad.  We could use some rain and they're saying we might get some this week.  Haven't had any in a couple of weeks.  Mac has been watering everything in pots to keep them alive, even our citrus trees were drooping.  The Weather  Channel says by Thursday we'll only reach 89ª, oh be still my heart.

Reading  other blogs it seems that there are a lot of foodies out there traveling, the focus of their traveling is to have food experiences.  I liked learning about about the Food Tours that Rowan at Circle of the Year took in Seville, Spain and Berlin, Germany.  If we hadn't had the dinner cruise in Budapest we would have done a food tour there. Do hope to do one next year in Berlin or Prague.  Mac and April are threatening to do one in Cambodia, you know I'm not doing that one.
But for the most part we're not that much into searching out fine meals when we travel, just looking for decent food at a decent price.
Other than our dinner cruise in Budapest and a quick stop at what was a Turkish Lokanta (self-serve, Mac ate the egg, I ate the fries and who knows what the rest of it was.) we didn't eat out at all.  Our room came with access to the Executive Lounge and they served a full breakfast in the morning and what they called appetizers in the evening---I don't call double lamb chops, fresh shrimp, soups and salads an appetizer, that's a meal.  There was no extra charge for this it was included in the room rate.
In London we opted for breakfast at our hotel, for a fee you got an all you can eat English breakfast every day.
Running around the city we noticed that every place seemed to be offering up hamburgers of one sort or another.  So for lunch one day we had one at the Lord Nelson Pub across the street from our hotel. Holy, moly that puppy was 10 oz. of meat.  If we'd had any idea how big it was going to be we'd have ordered one and shared it.  Neither of us could finish one.

For lunch another day we found a Spanish restaurant--Andalucia (Mac's father was from Andalusia) near Trafalgar Square.  Hard to find Spanish restaurants at home, people seem to think that Mexican food is Spanish food, well it's not.
They were offering a 3-course meal at a decent price so we ordered.  Mac had Judias Verdes, Lamb and Flan--an egg custard.  I had a Tortilla, Roast Chicken and Ice Cream.  Except for the jackhammers in the street outside it was a great meal, I got to practice my Spanish and did it well.

Surprisingly some of the best meals we had were on our flights.  Either airline food had improved or the stewardess running up to keep you wine glass full has helped.

And of course each flight begins with a glass of Champagne.


  1. I enjoyed seeing some of the food you ate. I'm always very confused when I'm traveling because I don't know what's really good in a given area so I end up playing it safe too often and eating something basic. I should really stop doing that. How nice to have a glass of champagne on your flights. It wasn't that long ago that we could get a meal on domestic flights, but it's so different now. I used to look forward to airline food, believe it or not!

  2. The food at the Spanish restaurant looks good - I think Spanish restaurants are hard to find anywhere. It's fun trying new and authentic things but I think I'd be hesitating about doing a Cambodian one as well. Juliette would be up for if though. She's much more adventurous than me:)

  3. I like the idea of a food tour but I am not very brave with food I haven't tried before so don't think it would be for me.

  4. Looks as if you had some lovely meals on your recent visits. Food tours sound good but I would only want tasters here and there as I find I can't eat large meals anymore, I'd rather graze on smaller things. Hope you get some rain soon:)

  5. I need to back up and read your older posts! How did I miss your trip? Like you, food isn't the focus of my travels. We look for good food at a decent price, but other than that it's not a concern. Loved your photos though, and your descriptions of the places you visited.

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  7. All the meals look good! That hamburger, though, is too much.

  8. Your meals sound good to me ...
    Hope you can keep cool, perhaps you may have rain soon?

    All the best Jan

    P.S. Cheers to you both as you raise your glasses in your last two photo's

  9. Love the food photos looks like you had fun searching out yummy places.
    Hope your temps drop and you get some rain.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  10. It's really dry up here in Georgetown. It thundered and got really dark on Sunday but not a drop of rain. That was interesting about your airplane food. That has not been my experience, but then I don't fly first class so maybe that is the difference!


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