Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super Bowl Sunday

Go Falcons!!!  Though if I'm absolutely honest I think the New England Patriots will probably win, Brady is a great quarterback.
In keeping with that bird theme (Falcons), look who came to visit in the backyard.  Miss Kitty got up right close and personal and then decided that given their size, that moving to the boat was a good option.
Though we have Canadian Geese around most of the year, it's only this time of year we get the mated pairs.  They frequently build a nest on the island out in our lagoon.  Some years we see the babies, often we don't.  Unfortunately lot of predators around.
But I always enjoy seeing them.


  1. Good for Miss Kitty. One of those Canada geese could take her out.

  2. Love Miss kitty in the boat. Very smart Kattie, take the high ground.
    I had two roadrunners in my yard today.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Aww little kitty, super excited.. :)

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Waiting for the Canada Geese to arrive here, I love to see them. Not sure how my cat will react to them, though.

  6. Now that is one impressive back yard.

  7. Your team nearly did it by all accounts. I didn't watch it but Daniel took a days holiday from work today so that he could go out to a bar which was showing it without worrying about getting up for work today, The Patriots are his team. I'm surprised that Miss Kitty got so close to the Canada geese, they're big things.

  8. So lovely to see the geese ...

    All the best Jan


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