Sunday, March 12, 2017

Crazy Weather

We had 2 days up in the 80's this week and now we have a frost/freeze warning for the coming week. Hope it doesn't hurt things too badly.  If it just touches freezing and comes back up we should be ok.
Mostly packed, everything but the kitchen sink is in one of the suitcases, including the cat who left a hairball on Mac's backpack and is insistent that she should be in a suitcase.  Badger enjoyed his trip to New York City so much he's asked to go again, so he's packed too.
Mowed the lawn yesterday for the first time since last September and I've been sneezing my head off ever since.  The driveway is yellow with pollen, as is the deck.  We were supposed to get some rain today, I was hopeful it would wash some of it away, but it passed us by.
Watching the World Baseball Classic on tv, think the Dominican Republic will win it again, though Israel is surprising everyone.


  1. Our grass is desperately needing cutting, it's just too wet at the moment though. Enjoy your trip.

  2. Enjoy your trip and safe journey.

  3. accck cute attack I love the badger drawing.
    Even though my family loves Badgers I don't draw them, Jusr starting now,
    Have a lovely trip.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Same as our weather! 80's then freeze warnings! Sorry, but the hairball made me laugh. I was just thinking about doing a post on, "am I the only person with cats that throw up?" Maybe I will. Hope you all have a good trip!

  5. We've had crazy weather in Virginia too. Warm spring days, flowers blooming, but then it got freezing cold again. Now we have snow coming tomorrow night.

  6. We are looking at a week with below normal temps, some freezing and at least one hard frost. Brr! Waiting for Spring to get her act together!

  7. Cats! Don't you just love them! I hope the sneezes subside and that badger and you and mac, of course, have a wonderful trip:)

  8. My cat looks ready to throw up ... I know it's on the way when he starts eating grass. Enjoy your trip.

  9. A trip can so hit the spot. Lucky Badger.

  10. The weather can be so mixed up can't it.
    Some I know have cut their grass!
    We've had a super Spring like day today, but knowing the weather it could be snowing by the weekend. It certainly keeps us on our toes.

    Enjoy your trip.

    All the best Jan

  11. Exciting to be traveling again! Maybe it's lucky you'll miss some of the pollen. Have a good trip and take lots of photos for us please.


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