Saturday, March 4, 2017

Five on Friday

As usual I'm running late, you'd think I worked for a living instead of lolling around the house all day the way I'm so late each week.  It's Friday evening, but I'm betting it will be Saturday morning before I'm done with this.  Hope you join Amy and the other bloggers at Love Made My Home for this weekly event.
We've had a beautiful week here, several days up in the 80's and today a more seasonal 65º, looks like we'll have no winter at all this year which is fine with me, I'm not much of a winter fan, but we'll pay for it later, the bug population will probably be out of control this summer.

On to my five.

First, is the table topper I made to finish off my March table.  Should have been a five minute job, but my only spool of white thread had no obvious beginning thread and I had a heck of a time making one and filling a bobbin.  But the shamrocks look very springy!

Second is a new to me Irish tray.   Found it on Etsy I think.

Third is another book I'm reading, Three Act Tragedy by Agatha Christie.  Is there anything in the world better than finding an Agatha you haven't read?  We've see the David Suchet Poirot version of this, but I've never read it and it's a delight.  It was first published in the U.S. in 1934 under the  title Murder in Three Acts.  Surprisingly Hercule Poirot isn't in the story much, not at all like the tv version.  Anyway what could be better than a book where the heroine is  called Egg?

Fourth is a movie we saw this week, Florence Foster Jenkins starring Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant and Simon Helberg.  They were all terrific.  Hugh Grant surprised us by not playing his usual mugging self and Simon Helberg made us completely forget that he usually plays Howard Wolowitz on The Big Bang Theory.  Of course Meryl Streep was excellent, she always is.  Florence is the story of a society woman who thinks she can sing opera, but oh Lord, she cannot.  The singing was excruciating and I had to go and see if Streep, who can sing, did the awful singing, she did. Altogether a great little movie.

It's Saturday afternoon, I knew I'd never get this done on Friday and today there was bread making, a refrigerator to clean out and floors to be Swiffered.  But at last here I am, so 
Fifth  is the tulip tree out back, also known as a Japanese Magnolia.  It's not a true magnolia because it's not an evergreen, but that's ok, it's always a treat to see it bloom.

That's my five, as always hoping you have a great weekend and do visit the other bloggers.


  1. Great 5 Janet! I love that tray with the shamrocks. So pretty. ;)
    I want to see that movie too. Of course Meryl is usually amazing in anything she's in.
    And your flowers look so pretty. Blessings on your weekend! xoxo

  2. I love Japanese Magnolias! I had never seen one until we lived in South Carolina. They had tons of them in the town where we lived. They are much rarer here in Florida; I think it's too hot for them down here.

    Meryl Streep is an excellent actress. I want to see that movie, too.

  3. Such a lovely five you have shared today, Janet. I love your shamrock tray. Isn't is fun to shop via ebay? I too enjoyed the movie and book you shared. And, hopefully your weekend is going well. Take care dear friend, Pat

  4. Beautiful flowers on that tree. That tray is precious. Have a good week in the swamp!

  5. Oh magnolia - such divine! I don't have it in my garden , sigh. Have a great Sunday!

  6. A varied five - I'm hoping to see the Florence Foster Jenkins movie sometime. I love Meryl Streep. And that magnolia :)


  7. Great five. The magnolia is wonderful, such a beautiful tree I wish the flowers lasted a lot longer:)

  8. 1934, the year I was born! I had no idea Agatha Christie books went back that far... or further. I like the magnolia, it is so soul lifting.

  9. You are ahead of us. My magnolia is in tight bud mode at the moment. No signs of flowers for at least another month. Loved the Florence Jenkins film. Merely Streep is such a good actress. Enjoy your sunshine. Black clouds and rain storms here at the moment! B x

  10. I love Meryl Streep. I'll have to be sure to watch when it comes to Netflix. I just love the tulip trees. I hadn't seen one until we moved down here and I love how dramatic they are with their huge blossoms and no leaves. We are enjoying tons of azaleas at the moment.

  11. Happy fives! I must get some Agatha Christie books from the library, haven't read on in 20 years. Have a lovely week. xx

  12. I love the Irish items, my nan came over to the UK on a boat as a youn girl, she was born and bred in County Kerry so my fathers side of the family is very Irish, making me one of the few people that say they are a quarter Irish that actually is a quarter Irish lol

  13. Sewing, thrifty shopping, reading, a film, flowers - makes a perfect Five, I think. Hope you've had a good weekend. x

  14. It sounds like you have had a very busy and entertaining week. Your Magnolia is very beautiful. Have a good week.

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