Sunday, September 2, 2018

Just Being Lazy

Can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I posted.  Nothing major going on, just life.  Been lots of rain, not too hot and now we're into September my favorite month.  We'll be having our 53rd wedding anniversary next week on the 10th and my birthday is on the 28th---can't believe how old I am, wasn't I just in grade school?
Just before my birthday we'll be flying to Japan to see our daughter, can't wait.
Had our yearly Medicare physicals with our primary doctor--he said my lungs sounded great.  He's also getting me a hearing aid to try out.  The chemo wrecked the hearing in one of my ears, all the little hairs died and they aren't coming back.  I'm not deaf, but I don't hear like I should.  Most hearing aid cost in the thousands and Medicare and our supplemental insurance won't pay for them.  This hearing aid is much cheaper and I get to try it out for a month to see if it works for me.
This Tuesday I meet with all my other doctors to set up a maintenance schedule to keep an eye on my lungs.
We went out to lunch on Friday to Denny's because I was craving Chicken Fried Steak which is not chicken, but rather a thin piece of beef covered in flour and fried, served with white gravy.  It took a half hour to get it and it wasn't worth the wait.  It was over-cooked and had little taste.  The gravy was ok.

Borrowed the picture off the net, my steak didn't look this good.

Rain again this morning, 3 thunderstorms yesterday morning and one day this week  got over 2 inches.  It's definitely been a wet summer.  Doesn't cool things off, just makes them steam.
Been reading a ton of books this summer, most just ok. Did enjoy A Short History of Montmaracy a YA book by Michelle Cooper, the first in a 3 part series.  It's about a family living in a decrepit castle on an island in the Bay of Biscay in 1936.  Some complained that it was too much like I Capture the Castle, but it's been so long since I read that that I can hardly remember it.
Have also been reading J.A. Jance's Joanna Brady series about a sheriff in Bisbee, Arizona and some of Robert Goddard's books.  Some I've read before (Sight Unseen) and some not (Hand In Glove ).  He always has so many twists and turns in his stories.
So that's been my 2 weeks.

The new header is Mac's new painting.  I liked it so much that he's painting me a bigger version of it .  This one's for sale.


  1. Your new header painting is beautiful!! -Jenn

  2. Oh Janet, I can see why you are in love with September! Many happy things in this month and I congratulate them on all of them.

    Weve had a lot of rain as well. The summer was so dry and now so wet! But it is good for reading and painting. I love your new header. And how fun to plan for your trip. Glad to hear your lungs are sounding good! Keep it up!

  3. Ahhh...chicken fried steak...a local delicacy around here, and lucky we are indeed!

    Wishing you a LOVELY September and happiest anniversary and birthday wishes!

  4. Ah, chicken fried steak...
    First had it made by my cousin, a native of Dallas, twenty years ago. Never had it so good again. And, hurrah for white gravy!
    You have a lovely trip!

  5. We could do with some of your rain.Here in North Wales,normally very wet,we have had a dry and sunny summer.The plants are wilting.
    What is white gravy?Is it what we would call white sauce?
    I love Mac's picture.Fabulous.What a talent.
    Enjoy Japan.

  6. Here's to September and lazy, lazy days.

  7. What a beautiful painting! Congrats on 53 years of marriage...that's amazing. My birthday is on the 21st. Have a wonderful week!

  8. Happy anniversary and have a wonderful trip to Japan!

    Funny you should mention chicken fried steak, which is not chicken. Yesterday, my husband and I were talking about city chicken, which is not chicken, but pork cubes on a stick. I think it may have just been a thing in the Great Lakes area.

  9. How exciting to be going to Japan again! It will be good to see you traveling again.

  10. Enjoy your trip to Japan I'm sure your daughter is just as excited as you.

  11. What a wonderful September you have ahead of you both - enjoy.

  12. I bet you are excited to be going to Japan. It will be lovely to get together with your daughter. Enjoy!

  13. September sounds like a great month! How wonderful to fly to Japan to see your daughter. x

  14. Good to hear you get to go on a trip! Happy Anniversary! Happy Birthday too since you will be gone to Japan!:)

  15. It was great to read you have plans to celebrate your anniversary and birthday, too. I'm sure you are so excited to return to Japan and spend time with your dear daughter. Have a wonderful week, Pat xx

  16. It's been raining for days here - some bad flooding in other parts of the state but we've been spared that. I would like to see the sun and take a bike ride!

    Good news about your physical. I hope the hearing aid works out well. Happy Anniversary in advance! ;)

    1. That should have been a happy face, not a winking face. Fingers not working this morning.... :) There we go.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. I've been wanting to send a message as I've been thinking of you, but haven't been able to until today. I'm glad that medical appointments are going well. Sorry to hear how hot it is and hope you get the fan fixed to give some relief. Also I hope all is well with your daughter as I saw on the news about the terrible weather. You must be looking forward to your time away and hope that you have a good flight and trip when it happens. Meanwhile just take it easy and stay well.

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