Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bombs Away, Sort Of ...

Missing Hydrogen Bomb
They found a Civil War era Parrot shell at Ft. McAllister, that's just down the road from us.  It was still full of black powder and they had to detonate the powder.  They're not quite sure how the shell got to Ft. McAllister because it's the kind of shell shot out at sea and not towards land.  The shell was found dug up and they're theorizing that someone with a metal detector (which it's illegal to use in the park) found it, dug it up and decided they'd better leave it there.
The park has now put it on display.
The reason I said bombs in my title is because there is another bomb in the ocean near us.  In 1958 the Air Force had to jettison a hydrogen bomb from a B-47 after a mid-air collision with a F-86.  The missing 12 foot  hydrogen bomb, weighing about 7600 lbs. is somewhere on the bottom of the ocean  just off our coast in the Wassow Sound, that's between Ossabow Island and Tybee Island.
The Air Force has never been able to find the bomb, but claims it is not a threat to local residents because it didn't have its nuclear capsule (I guess that's what's needed for detonation).  Unfortunately they've never been able to find that nuclear capsule either, they're not sure where it is.  For now they think it's safer to just leave the bomb in its muddy bed.  Sure hope they're right.

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  1. A bit unnerving to have an H-bomb lying about the vicinity! In the UK we still have unexploded bombs from WW2 that turn up occasionally and cause a bit of a stir.


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