Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Daughter Has a Job!!!!!!

Nearly 5 months ago our daughter lost her job for doing what she thought was the right thing. In August of last year she passed the grueling process of getting a job with the U.S. Consular Service and began the steps to get a Top Secret Clearance.  Now getting on the list doesn't guarantee a job, just a spot on the list of those who may be called to start training for a position.  Your place on the list is determined by your final score from the all-day oral interview, anyone scoring higher, and they assess all the time, goes ahead of you.
Well my daughter is too honest for her own good, she immediately let the company she worked for know that she'd made the list and that hopefully, someday, and probably not until the following year that she might be leaving.  She'd been with this company 10 years and she thought she owed them that. HA!  They immediately put her job up for hire!  She convinced them to find someone internally, she'd train them and move laterally in the company.  They agreed.  Well she got her security clearance but didn't move up the list at all, in fact moved down and it began to look as though she might spend the alloted 18 months on the list and never move on, but did her company care, no.  In January they informed her that in February they would decide whether to continue to fund her position for the next year, and of course they decided not to and as of mid-March she was out of a job, and at first she wasn't going to get unemployment because they said she'd given notice.  Well they changed their minds, admitted that they'd ended her position and she was then eligible for unemployment.
Since then, like way too many other Americans, she has been looking for a job.  She has had a temporary one that had no benefits and paid for less than she had been working, but it was a job.
Today she went for an interview for a 6 month position that paid well and left the interview feeling she hadn't done well, but she had, when she got home she had voice mail telling her she had the position!
So she has 6 months of breathing room, to find a job she likes, that pays what she wants and is permanent. Hallelujah!

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