Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Little House on the Prairie Time

Had a good little loaf of bakery bread yesterday and decided to stop being so lazy and make my own.  So Mac got my breadmaker out and I made a loaf of crusty French bread.  The top didn't get as dark as I thought it should and to my taste it's just a tad salty, but all in all not too bad.
Then to go with the bread I made Blackberry Jam.  I got the recipe from Amazon's Daily Blog page and they said it was originally a BBC recipe.  Basically you cook blackberries and sugar together in the microwave and seal the results in little jars.  Looks good, tastes pretty good, but rather seedy, I may make some more and strain some of the seeds out.
With the left-over berries I made a kind of cobbler and we'll be eating that with ice cream tonight.
A nice way to spend the morning.

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  1. When we got back from our trip to Alaska I noted we were out of everything but stale bread. Now I see our breadmaker on a shelf just outside the kitchen, and I have a couple of hours free tonight. That would be fun!


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