Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wedding Anniversary

Our 45th Wedding Anniversary is coming up, that's our sapphire anniversary, but I've already told Mac I don't want a sapphire.  He gave me a very special one about 7 years ago and I don't need another one.
For about 7 years ago we found some old love notes we'd written each other when we were teenagers and rediscovered that we'd met on the 17th of March.  Then in September of that year Mac had given me a little stuffed elephant with his class ring on a chain around its neck.  So to commemorate that  he gave me another little elephant with a sapphire ring hanging around its neck.  You can't top that, and anyway, I'm not much of a jewelry person, though I haven't taken this ring off in 7 years.
So I don't want another sapphire, can't really think of anything I want,  and I haven't a clue as to what to get him.  He's so hard to buy for, it's not that he's fussy, he's not, it's just that he's not a very material person and doesn't collect a lot of things.  He loves books but mainly reads nonfiction and I spend a lot of time on Amazon looking for books for him.  Several years ago he picked up a Fred Archer book while we were in England and he loved it, he's now read all of them.  Then I discovered Beverly Nichols  and his garden writing  for him and now  he owns all of those.  Lately I found Mollie Harris, another English author, and he's just now finishing up the last of her books.  We're going on a trip to England for our anniversary and I'm hoping I'll find something for him there, we plan on hitting as many book stores as we can.


  1. Years ago I read Derek Tangye's books on their cottage in Cornwall at Minack. Its about cats, donkeys and growing daffodils on the fields overlooking the sea. Just checked on Amazon and everything is secondhand but you might find something for your husband....

  2. Thank you! Heading to Amazon right now.

  3. What a beautiful ring! I love sapphires. Has Mac ever come across books by Fred Kitchen or C.Henry Warren? Both were writing in the 1940s about English country life. I especially like England is a Village by C Henry Warren - the edition I own has wonderful scraperboard illustrations by Denys Watkins-Pitchford.

  4. Thanks Rowan, I'll check on Amazon.

  5. If you are coming to England and like secondhand bookstores you might like to go to Hay on Wye. It is on the Welsh borders. We have just returned from a holiday near there. It's known as the book town. Here's a link for you
    If you are in London, Daunts is well worth a visit.
    Does your husband know the works of Adrian Bell? 'Corduroy' is described by Susan Hill as 'beautiful, elegiac descriptive writing about the English countryside.' Written in 1930.

  6. Thank Lucille, We know Hay on Wye, but we'll be staying near Oxford and probably won't make it as far as Hay, unless I could convince my husband to make the drive. Will look up Adrian Bell.


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