Monday, August 2, 2010

Shamefully Spoiled

I had a dermatology appointment this morning,  less said about that the better, and Mac dropped me off and went to do some grocery shopping for me.  But as always when I have an appointment where I don't really want to go he brought me back a surprise, a snail and even better he had a dark chocolate bar stuck in him.  He's actually a watering can but he's much to cool for that, he will live in front of the fireplace next to Mac's turtle.
I love snails, well actually that's not true, in fact I'm terrified of snails, I think if I touched one I'd pass out, they are gross beyond words.  But a number a years ago I started collecting nonliving snails made out of everything: alabaster, wood, porcelain, glass, clay, you name it.  I don't know if I was trying to desensitize myself or what.  Of course it hasn't worked, I'm still afraid of snails, but I do love my nonorganic snails and this one will make a great addition to my collection.


  1. I rather like snails, they have friendly little faces - this is not the gardener speaking of course! Slugs are very much less appealing but neither bother me and I can pick them up. Show me a spider on the other hand and I'm a total quivering wreck!

  2. I don't mind spiders, don't like their webs, too sticky.

  3. That's so cute and yes, you are spoiled!

  4. I'm sorry. My post must have given you rather a nasty fright. Thanks for visiting though!


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