Thursday, August 12, 2010

Responsible Citizenship

I went Tuesday to vote in the Republican run-off election for Governor, I don't usually do run-off elections but I missed voting in the primary.  I missed voting in the primary because they'd moved my polling place and by the time we'd track a polling place down and found out it was the wrong one I decided a pox on all their houses and I just didn't vote.  Which is too bad because the person I would have voted for lost, bady,  and I was left with 2 people I knew nothing about in the run-off election.  Georgia is one of those states where if a person doesn't get at least 50% of the votes then they hold a run-off between the top two vote getters.
So before voting I decided to look up some background on the two candidates and the news was not good.
The woman running has been the Secretary of State for Georgia, but she never graduated from college, one of her first jobs was working for Marilyn Qualye the wife of a really bad Vice-President, and to me the kiss of death was that Sarah Palin endorsed her.
The man running was worse, though he's been a U.S. Congressman he has had  so many ethic violations filed against him that it took me a half hour to read about them.
What a choice.  But I voted and the man won.
I think I'm going to vote for his Democratic opponent, at least he has experience, he use to be Governor here, and has some idea of how to get things done.
I have serious doubts that our system works for regular people any more.

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