Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Heart of the Home

Morning Minion wrote on her Blog about the kitchen being the heart of the home and I agree.  I love my kitchen, it's probably my favorite of all the ones we've had through the years.  It's not very big and I'm sure that if HGTV brought some House Hunters through they'd complain that it was too small and not really gourmet, but then what don't the House Hunters complain about.
But I like it, the lovely maple cabinets, the granite countertops, the 3 columns, the table by the sunny windows and the way it opens into the familyroom.  It's always full of sunshine and since we've been here it's full of lovely cooking smells, for retirement has given me the time to really learn how to cook.  I've always liked cooking but working all day leaves you less than inspired in the evening when it's time to cook.  Now I have that time.  Using Mario Batelli I make pasta and raviolis (which I haven't quite mastered yet), Giada has taught me to make homemade fish sticks, with the breadmaker my daughter gave me I make our bread and recently I've started making jam.
There are stools on two sides of the kitchen, just right to have people sit and talk while I cook.  The cat enjoys her perch up there too, not very hygienic maybe but very homey.
I've had bigger kitchens but this one is perfect for me, the triangle between sink, stove and refrigerator is just right.  I could use a little more room between the refrigerator and the counter and each time Mac and I bump into each other here we say we'll have to sell the house and get a bigger kitchen, then laugh because he too thinks it's about perfect.
When our daughter comes at the holidays she cooks in there too and I help or get out of her way and just enjoy seeing here there.  It's such a warm, happy place.

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  1. How nice that you continued this theme. I'd love to see and read about the kitchens of other "followers."
    RE the cat on the counter: its homey. Counters are easy to wipe with disinfectant!


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