Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When I'm 64

 Happy Birthday to me!  A day I thought would never come has come, I'm 64.  But  Mac assures me that of course he still needs me and will continue to feed me even though I'm now 64.
 After all the spending in England I told him there really wasn't anything I wanted for my birthday, but he knows me better than I know myself and he got me loads of flowers for my garden, baskets of Chrysanthemums, a banana tree and a Trumpet Vine, not to mention a cute little garden wagon.  My daughter April got me a craft book I've been wanting, "Sew Darn Cute", I warned her it was going to be a crafty Christmas.
Then this afternoon, showing that he really will continue to feed me Mac took me to Shellman's Bluff, an absolutely unspoiled fishing camp/village about 40 miles down the coast from here. We've been there a couple of times before yet  I'm always surprised how how beautiful it is with its huge old oak trees draped in Spanish Moss.   I'd said that I wanted to eat some place  we'd never eaten before so we went to Hunter's Cafe a small cafe nestled under the oaks.  Mac had shrimp and scallops and I had fried chicken with sweet tea, how southern can you get!
Lovely birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday! Glad that you had such a nice day - Shellman's Bluff looks a lovely place, perfect for a quiet meal together.

  2. Glad you had a happy birthday and a lovely day out. The pics look glorious.


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