Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Fleece Inn

One of our favorite places to visit in England is the tiny village of Bretforton, it's in the Warwickshire area of the Cotswolds  and most people have never heard of it.  But we found it a number of years ago because we had a book of English pubs and inns and we were trying to visit as many as we could, and in Bretforton was the Fleece Inn, an inn now owned by the National Trust (since 1974) when they acquired it from Miss Lola Taplin whose family had owned it for generations.  The medieval building was once a farm house that was converted into a beerhouse in 1848.
We love it for its collection of pewter, including 48 pieces of Stuart pewter.  Mac is an avid collector of pewter and always enjoys seeing collections of it.  But even  better it has a haunted rocking chair that sits in one of the rooms and rocks on its own.
Lovely garden wall and door along our walk
The gardens are beautiful and the food is always good.  It's usually crowded and if you want a table inside you need to be there early for lunch.  We parked there around 11, visited a tiny, wonderful antique shop run by Karen to do some shopping ( I'll talk about that tomorrow when I talk antiques), and then went for a walk through the fields to build up an appetite.
Returning to the Fleece Mac had braised lamb with veggies and I had a ham baguette and veggies.  Have I said that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE British ham and bacon?  It's so good!
We finished up the day with more antique shopping in Moreton in the Marsh.

A perfect day, nice weather, a good walk, antique shopping and a good meal in a snug Inn.

Cottage in Bretforton, notice fox and geese on roof


  1. I'd never heard of this place. Thanks for the tour!

  2. What a lovely place this looks, I love the fox and geese on the thatched roof:) I wonder if that is unique or whether it's the mark of the local thatcher? The Fleece Inn is a wonderful building and I'd love to visit it. Although I've been to the Cotswolds it isn't an area I know well and I think it would be well worth exploring further.

  3. You visited one of my most favourite places in England - I grew up in Warwickshire although I didn't know Bretforton. Look forward to seeing more photos.


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