Monday, September 6, 2010

The Great Hereafter

I have always believed in the great hereafter and as I grow older I believe in it even more.  For as I walk into a room intending to get something or do something I completely forget what I was "here after".  It's dismaying.  When I need something from another room I have to chant it over and over as I walk or sing to myself.  I'd worry more about Alzheimer except I've always been this way.   I make lists of things to do and lose the list or look at my writing and can't remember what the cryptic little messages mean. My short-term memory has never been worth much, I have to quickly move things over to long-term memory if I want to stand a change of remembering something.
And my long-term memory is now so stuffed full of trivial bits of this and that, that I've reached the point of when I add something new I have to throw out something old and I'm not given the option of what will be thrown out.
I've often said that getting older is pigeon poo and I'd like to repeat that thought, and then let that thought be one of those to be thrown out.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. You've summed it up perfectly!

  2. I know what you mean too:) I race upatairs full of purpose and get to the top and think 'Now what did I come up here for?'!! Like you I've always been that way, my mum and I used to laugh about it because she was the same way too.

  3. My husband and I had a good laugh over this. Now I can't remember what we were laughing at!

  4. This does seem to be a common "ailment." Like you, some days I have to talk to myself, a sort of chanted litany of what I'm trying to do and why I'm walking in a certain direction!

  5. Thank you for visiting Mountain Thyme. Come back anytime. I don't focus on any one thing....just this and that.

    I have your common ailment, too. I always thought when I was younger it was because I was so busy all the time...but it is the same now that I am retired.

    I tell friends that I am just like that black rhinoceros that starts to attack something in the bush and then pulls up short 'cause they forgot what they were going to do! It's true!

  6. Love your comment....As the above bloggers, I fall into the same catagory..Nice to have company isn't it?


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