Wednesday, September 1, 2010

OMG---My Worst Nightmare

I'm a dental phobe, it took my dentist in California years to calm me down enough to be able  work on me.  His office  wouldn't tell me when my appointments were because I'd make myself sick worrying about them, they told Mac instead,  and he'd let me know at the last possible minute.  And even then I had to take a valium to get through it,  I lay there quietly crying  and shaking  the whole time.  His poor hygienist had to keep wiping the tears off, and he was the kindest, gentlest dentist I'd ever had.
My phobia dates back to my teens when our family had a dentist named Dr. Chew (truly, he was Oriental and I'm probably spelling his name wrong, but that's how it was pronounced) and he didn't believe in anasthesia for dental work, and Lord it was painful.  I hated and feared dentists after that.  But as I said our dentist in California had me pretty much cured, then we moved down here to Georgia.  Not knowing anyone I picked the closest dentist and we began seeing him.  Actually seeing his dental hygienist who'd clean my teeth, he'd whiz in at the end, look at x-rays and say see you next year.  Not very chatty, rather hyper and young, I ignored him.
Well I was reading my local paper on-line this morning and guess who's had dental license suspended?  That's right, my dentist.  Suspended because,"of actions, conduct and conditions that pose a threat to the public health, safety and welfare such that  emergency actions had to be taken".  He is being charged with abusing controlled substances, obtaining controlled substances fraudulently, and appeared to be impaired when questioned by the police and still seeing patients.  That's all I need, a dentist higher than a kite flying around in my mouth. Going out to buy a years supply of dental floss!


  1. I am so glad at this time that I live the other side of the world . --cottonreel

  2. That made me laugh ;) don't like dentists either....

  3. Just catching up here. I hope you have had a good time in England, or perhaps you are still here. I had to laugh at your dentist's name. My childhood dentist was I. Screech. Truly!


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