Monday, January 30, 2012

Some of This and Some of That

Is it just me, and I know it's not because my husband feels the same way, but is Downton Abbey absolutely dreary this season.  Everyone's unhappy, and I don't like the way Lord Grantham is looking at the new maid.  It's so bad I'm looking to Thomas and O'Brian for comic relief and you know that's not right.
On a lighter note this week's Header Picture is one Mac copied from a card our daughter sent him a few years ago.  Though it doesn't show in the picture, hanging below the painting is an old rod and reel and some antique reels and lures.  Mac loves fishing.
I've been working on the railroad, all the live long day or at least painting the engine.  I decided to paint the engine red and gold and the rest of the train in green and gold.  So I've got the first coat on.
I'm trying to teach myself how to paint on glass  and this little vase is my first real attempt.  I did a little candle holder earlier, but I didn't really know what I was doing.  This turned out a bit better.  What I read says I need to bake it or let it air dry for 21 days.  Given my past experience with putting glass in the oven (I blew up a dish in my new oven) I think I'll air dry it.

I'm supposed to be cleaning bathrooms today and I've avoided it as long as I can so I guess I had better get going


  1. Your vase is lovely, good job!


  2. Anything rather than clean bathrooms!

    I had the same feeling about Lord G and the maid ... and he IS being rather neglected by Lady G right now. Oh dear. Trouble afoot.

    The vase is lovely (as is the header painting).

  3. I love Downton Abbey, waiting for the next series now. Another lovely painting, and I love the vase too.


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