Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Beautiful Winter Day

In between Doctor appointments, going to the bank, dropping off donations at Goodwill and shopping, we went for a walk in the town park that's built on land that use to be part of the Henry Ford Estate.  It was so beautiful, blue skies and warm temperatures, we walked without coats it was so nice.
Along the way we did a bit of bird spotting, my camera doesn't take the greatest distance shots but we spotted an Anhinga, also known as a snake bird, who was spreading his wing and sunning himself.
Then we came upon a woodpecker working away on a tree, and finally we saw a Blue Heron flying across the sky, Mac snapped his picture when he settled in a tree.
The canals in the park are tidal, and with the tide out the birds were busy fishing and gathering up small crabs and snails.  You'll need to click on the photos and enlarge them to see the birds.
I know this weather isn't going to last, but oh I'm enjoying it while it's here.  Today I planted more bulbs and I saw that my Daffodils are getting ready to bloom and the Freesias are already blooming.


  1. It was -3 in our market town today, lovely to see a blue sky.


  2. Ooh, freesias. Love the smell.

    Goodwill is also a good place to shop for picture frames - but I'm sure you know that.

    And yes, good pictures are definitely worth the money spent on proper frames.

  3. 20s here, during the day. We're actually having a very mild winter compared to what it could be. We ususally have a solid week in January where the DAYtime temps don't get above zero, but not this year!

    Question--do you have a home tour with pics of your home? I loved the bit of the kitchen I saw and the fixed antique table suggests more of the same. I love seeing how others decorate their houses!

  4. Sounds like it was a nice walk! Enjoyed the pics of the wildlife.


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