Sunday, November 18, 2012


We always have a painting displayed on an easel in the  sitting room alcove of our bedroom.  They change with the seasons, a tea party in summer, a Christmas door, etc.  When we went looking for an Autumn painting all we could find was a vaguely autumnal colored barn scene.  Mac decided to paint us one instead and asked what I'd like in it.  I said pumpkins, lots of pumpkins.  So he went looking for ideas and found some pumpkins he could use as a basic design and build on.  The new header is the finished , though he says it's not and plans to sneak a few more strokes in, painting.
I absolutely love it, one of his best.


  1. Oh I love it too! Very much, the sheen on the pumpkins, just right!

  2. There is something about trading out your possessions seasonally that makes us treasure them more, don't you think?

  3. It's wonderful, and certainly says Autumn.


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