Monday, November 5, 2012


The window and all that surrounds it are almost back together again.  New wood has been put in, new insulation, a new window sill, new molding and new dry wall.  On the outside the siding has been put back on, the window trim replaced and the gutter rehung.  On the inside the he dry wall has been "mudded" and has to sit for a day.  Next the new baseboard goes in, then I get to paint it all.
If I see another termite, even if he's minding his own business he's dead.
Talking to a neighbor this morning she said they've had to replace the door from the garage into the house and all the wood around their garage.
And here I thought cockroaches were the worse bugs we'd have in Georgia.


  1. We have termites in the garage - have informed the landlord but he doesn't seem to care. I tell myself that if the garage falls down he can buy us a new car. :)

  2. Insurance doesn't pay for termite damage, we have a contract with a termite company they come out once a year and inspect for termites and treat the area if any are found, but any damage is our problem.

  3. Out there, termites are heroes, as they help remove rotten stumps and fallen trees, but inside a house? They’re a menace! Once you see the first signs of termite infestation, you have to deal with them quickly. You can use cardboard traps to attract termites from the furniture into a piece of wet cardboard, or you can eliminate moisture in the room. Though I think it’d be best to consult first with an exterminator before you do anything.

    Lucile Lynch


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