Friday, November 9, 2012

I haven't blogged all week no energy, no inspiration,  nothing I want to write about.  My feelings on sweeping floors and cleaning toilets don't make for family friendly utterings so I decided it was better to just say nothing.
Fall has finally arrived here, sort of, a few trees are changing color and losing their leaves, but not in our yard, we mainly have pine and oak so no pretty autumn colors here.The squirrels throw down pine darts and pine cones occasionally , but it's not quite the same.
It has been chilly the last couple of days, highs in the 50's, but it's supposed to warm up to the 70's over the weekend.
The election is over, finally, so I guess we trade political ads for Christmas ads, not sure which is more annoying, and Lord help us they're already talking about the election of 2016.
Went to my dermatologist this week to find out how much of my nose they wanted to trim off, but Milisandre and her boss decided that the ugly little blighter (squamous cell carcinoma) was shallow enough that we could just put acid on it for 6 weeks and see how that goes.  I think Melisandre was looking forward to a little scalpel work and seemed a bit disappointed, but she said we'd meet again in January and reassess.
After that close encounter we went out for German food which was so GOOD!
We have leftovers for lunch today.
Going out dancing tonight, I can just already hear  my knees squealing in anticipation.


  1. That looks like a lovely, hearty meal! The world needs more sausage. :)

    Good luck with the nose.

  2. Hope the acid on your nose works - better than surgery I would have thought. The dinner looks good - an excellent way to celebrate the end of election ads - we're nearly as fed up with it all over here as you are in the US. Why it has to be all over our TV I don't know, I feel pretty sure that the US media doesn't give UK elections more than a passing mention!

  3. You need to come to the Atlanta area for the leaves, they are beautiful right now!
    Hope you remember to wear a hat and sunscreen, I know, I sound like a mother, but hey, I am!
    And that German meal, WOWSER, that looks so good! Have fun dancing, that sounds like fun.


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