Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hungry Little Buggers

There was a leak around one of our windows.  A small window you ask, no a huge triple window.  For some reason the people who built this house ( and lived here originally) didn't seal this window.  As a result water got in and in  Georgia where water ithere are  termites.  But we didn't know it until the window sill began deteriorating .  When Mac began cleaning it out to repair it he found termites, so we called our termite people, the ones who inspect our house  for termites every year and treat it when any are found.  They advised Mac to take the whole window sill out and look for further termite infestation.  We have a friend who knows about construction so he has helped Mac take the window sill, molding, sheet rock, baseboard, outside flashing and surrounding wood out.  What a mess, I about cried when I saw how extensive the damage was.  Our friend said the termites would have started on the floor next.
So the day has been spent, tearing the damage out, cleaning out all the bits and pieces and now they're starting to reconstruct it all.
I'll be glad when it's all cleaned up, but that probably won't be for while.


  1. I gather that termites are sort of a south-eastern plague--haven't encountered them in New England or Wyoming.
    What a mess they can make! Repair jobs like this are such a disruption.

  2. Oh poor you. Sounds awful! Good job you caught it before they got into the floor. Xxx

  3. Oh, termites! Georgia is known for them you know. It could have been worse, but I know that doesn't make you feel any better.
    All the more reason we should all move to England, no termites there!

  4. How awful! At least you found it before they started on the floor.


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