Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November Basking Weather

Yesterday we had to go into town so we decided to do our daily walk in the city park, it has a 3 mile trail we like.  I've mentioned this park before, it use to be part of the Henry Ford estate, it was used to grow rice and has canals that fill and empty as the  tide (carried by the Ogeechee River) ebbs and flows.  It's a great place to bird watch, always has hawks, herons, buzzards, woodpeckers and smaller birds too.
The weather yesterday was much warmer than we had expected, well up into the 70's and we saw numerous turtles out basking in the sun.  We also saw 4 or 5 small alligators, around 3 feet long.
It's no wonder the folks who live along this watery park have fences, wouldn't you just love to wake up one day and find an alligator basking on your patio?

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  1. Don't think I'd be over thrilled to look out and see an alligator in my garden! Not sure I'd be keen on getting too close anywhere!


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