Friday, November 16, 2012

RIP Twinkies

Today is a day of mourning, the mighty Twinkie is no more.  Hostess, the company that made them,  has asked bankruptcy court (they had filed for bankruptcy earlier this year) for permission to begin selling  off their brands and assets.
Many things had gone wrong at the company, lots of finger pointing, but the bottom line is, unless another company picks them up, Twinkies, and even worse, their chocolate cousin, Chocodiles, will be no more.  Alas!

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  1. It's awful when favourite sweets disappear isn't it? I still mourn the demise of the Dolly Mixtures made by a company called Squirrel. You can still get a version of Dolly Mixtures but they are nothing like as good as the Squirrel ones were. Duck, Potatoes and Green Peas is another childhood sweet that I mourn - I suspect they were pretty much pure sugar with flavouring but boy! they tasted good.


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