Monday, November 19, 2012

Small Treats

             Iris Murdoch, "The secret to a happy life is continuous small treats"

Relyn at comesitbymyfire (if you haven't read her blog, go, go go, it's wonderful)  wrote a blog about small treats.  She listed her small treats and asked what ours were, so here goes:

anything chocolate, bubble baths with candles around, books in stacks waiting to be read, candle light and a fire in the fireplace on a cool Fall evening, the first flowers of spring, my kitty's tummy, making Christmas cookies, shoes that fit like a glove the first time you wear them. silk longjohns in winter, Old Sprice on my husband's neck, the soft ticking of a clock, a Mozart sonata when I finally play it right, my family gathered to celebrate, making lists, cat calendars, hearing a train in the distance, walking in the morning when the air is cold and crisp, cooking something special, the smell of fresh baked bread, watching someone's face when they open a gift, baseball, the smell of the ocean, holding hands with the one you love, smell of freshly ironed pillowcases, hearing my husband play guitar, waking up and knowing the whole day is yours to do as you please, watching butterflies in the garden, hearing birds chirping when I first wake up, talking to my daughter on Sunday, laughing with my sister, going fishing with Mac

What are your small treats?

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  1. Having 10 minutes to sit down with a new 'home' magazine and a good cup of coffee would be on my list.


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