Monday, July 29, 2013

Notes on a Monday

The bugman came today to give us our quarterly spraying, if you live in the south you either have your house sprayed regularly or you live with some serious bugs.  Bugwise things haven't been too bad this year and surprisingly enough we aren't even having much trouble with mosquitoes, and given the amount of rain we've had that's down right amazing.  The bugman says that inland the mosquitoes are really bad.
Learned something while reading my new Southern Living magazine, it seems that the Rose of Sharons  we grow here are actually a type of Hibiscus.  Who knew?  I mean, I knew my Confederate Rose was a Hibiscus developed for the south, but I didn't know the Rose of Sharon was too.
My Hibsicus

My Confederate Rose

My Rose Of Sharon

I've felt the need to read something a bit more philosophical lately so I ordered an old copy of the 10th anniversary book of Calvin and Hobbes.   Calvin, the wee imp in the cartoons, is named for the 16th century theologian who believed in predestination and Hobbes, the tiger, is named for a 17th century philosopher with a dim view of human nature.

It should be a good week of reading and thinking deep thoughts.

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  1. Haha! I never knew that about calvin and Hobbes. They do say you learn something new each day....


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