Thursday, July 25, 2013

Neighbors With Dogs

Let me begin this by saying we like dogs, we don't currently have one, but through the years we've had a number of them.  All the dogs we've had were of a good size, German Shepherds, English Sheepdogs, Lab mixes.  We're not small dog people, when we have a dog we want a DOG.
Our next door neighbor has been a good neighbor, she works long hours and is seldomly home and when she's home she's inside.  In other words a really quiet neighbor.  That is until she decided that though she's seldomly at home she needed a dog, not a good sized dog (she had one of those when we first moved here a golden retriever named Buck---he was wonderful-  he use to go walking with us every morning), no, she got some yippy, little, hairy monster that she throws out the back a couple of times a day and at night----usually around 2am--- and all he does is sit out there and bark his little head off.   We hate him and it makes me wonder about our neighbor.  Like I said, she's gone all day till well into the evening and the dog is in the house doing, well, you know what he's doing, that's why he barks when she puts him out---he doesn't need to go outside he's already done.
Why would you want a dog if you were never home to enjoy it?  She owns her own business she could take him to work with her, but she doesn't, we've seen her leave in the morning after she's put him outside for his morning bark.
You use to be one of our favorite neighbors, not so much any more.


  1. I'm so with you on this. We had dogs when I was growing up - proper dogs (German Shepherds) that barked, not yapped. And if they barked unnecessarily they were told to shut up, because it was annoying.
    We're lucky that none of our near neighbours have dogs, but our next door neighbour's daughter has a dog which she brings when she visits and it barks too much for my liking.
    It must be extremely annoying for you having a yappy dog nearby, especially at 2am.

  2. I have had dogs for most of my life and would not be without one but one thing I hate is yappy, barky ones. There are no bad dogs though, only bad owners.

  3. Owners of dogs, and even cats, seem to assume that everyone all around is going to like their pet and not mind if it barks/yaps, uses their garden as a litter tray, scratches up plants or jumps up with wet muddy paws. I'm not a pet lover! I like working dogs, there are a number of them here belonging to the sheep farmers. I agree it's the owner who is to blame and not the dog. It seems cruel just to leave him on his own all day. Could you maybe have a 'friendly' word with your neighbour?

  4. Hi Janet, I sympathise completely. This summer (and last), a near neighbour has been putting her dog (not sure what breed it is but it's bark is extremely loud - so not a small one)out in the garden at night (why at night?) where it barks loudly on repeat causing all the neighbourhood dogs to join in. So annoying. We had to call the Noise Abatement team one night - it just got too much! Is there such a service where you are? xx

  5. Oh dear this is a difficult one. I thimk I might mention to her that the dog seems upset becsuse he is barking so much, and I'd get in the comment that he's keeping me awake, too. It might occur to her herself to take him in. Although I wouldn't hold out too much hope. Pity she doesn't know some dog loving kid who would have him to stay while she is out, it must be so boring for him, dogs are pack animals.


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