Saturday, July 13, 2013

So True!

This is sad, but true.  I visit Amazon daily and though I try to restrain myself I find that a  large part of my credit card bill at the end of the month is dedicated to Amazon.
I console myself that I mainly buy used books, particularly the penny (plus shipping) ones.  I really limit what I buy for my Kindle, looking for bargains and freebies.
I use my library as much as possible, but what they have for Kindle is mostly things I will not read.
I've tried yard sales, but either people don't read or they read things I'm not interested in.
Amazon on the other hand knows me all too well and makes it way too easy---we're talking one click 2 day delivery here--so I just have to budget carefully and I'd say lock my credit card up, but I know my credit card number by heart, that says a lot.

I borrowed the picture from: who makes very amusing pins.


  1. Me too!
    I can't walk past a charity shop without popping in to check out the book section.

  2. Ditto to all of the above! I always buy used books - except as gifts. It's nice that Amazon gives so many options. :)

  3. I should probably be wearing one of those as well :)


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