Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Dribblings

Pre-Retirement Me
I use to hate Mondays, but retirement has totally changed my attitude towards them, nice day, no work, no alarm clocks, slept till 9, so hello Monday.
Well the computer room is still not clean and the way things are going it might just stay uncleaned.  It was so hot this morning I decided to clean the refrigerator, it needed it and the weather demanded it.  I left the door open the whole time, ran a fan and the kitchen was almost cool.
The cat drags herself around like a small, furry  martyr demanding we turn the air conditioner on, but unless she has a secret bank account some where there are limits to how much we can run it.
I cleaned the stairs again today and I'm announcing it right now---I WILL NOT CLEAN THEM AGAIN  ---- until new carpeting is put in--they're horrible and no amount of cleaning will help them.

Well, pardon the more than 3 hour interruption, a rather belligerent thunder storm rolled through here and I was forced to shut down my computer.  It's still dribbling a bit but otherwise it's been   quiet for awhile.  We've had rain nearly every day forever it seems, but this is the first thunder storm in a while.
The house is fairly clean now and except for the fact that weeds are now nearly as tall as the house it looks pretty good.  Have to take my car in for an oil change tomorrow, I think we've put about 100 miles on it since the last change, but the lease says it has to have an oil change every 6 months, so that's where it's going tomorrow whether it likes it or not.  Then my favorite indoor sport, grocery shopping. Looking forward to our daughter's visit this week, she's looking forward to escaping work and the cat, no doubt, is looking forward to pouting, she usually does when her "sister" visits.
Ought to be a good week.
Retired Me


  1. I a, jealous.i have 11 years to go unless I win Te lottery of course

  2. I had no idea that cats ever got too warm unless they were lying in direct sunlight! When I was a girl, we had a white cat, and she was never too warm but our black cats occasionally have to move out of the sun - proof that dark colours absorb more heat. But on the whole, Scottish cats are grateful when it's warm rather than cool!

  3. I don't hate Mondays either, it's great isn't it?

  4. Seems a bit daft when you have done so few miles. My dealership gives a date and mileage but not a lease.

    It's warmer here now but was struggling in the 60s at the beginning of the week. Happy 4th from a foreigner with an American passport!


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