Monday, March 10, 2014

Mixed Emotions

For as long as I can remember, at least 10 years, our daughter has wanted to move to Japan.  She goes there 3 or 4 times a year and has been actively looking for a job there for quite awhile.  At Christmas she let us know that it looked like she had finally found something and  at the end of January the formal offer was made and she accepted.
Today she gave official notice to her current employer and April 1 will be her last day of work.  She'll be coming down here for about a week and then she flies off to Japan to the city of Fukuoka.   Fukuoa  is located on the southern island of Kyushu, is Japan's 6th largest city  and is approximately 7,543 miles from here and 13 hours ahead of us.  Strangely enough Atlanta is one of Fukuoka's sister cities.
She is so thrilled that she's walking on air.  After the first shock and sadness we have come to terms with this and we're happy for her. We know that where she's been and the job she's had has been very stressful and have brought her no joy.  And we're firm believers in the idea that everyone needs some joy in their life, so we're hopeful that Japan will be everything she has ever wanted it to be.  It sounds like she has an interesting job, she has friends already living there and best of all her commute won't be in  a car or on roads with crazy drivers.
Don't know if we can deal with a long flight to Japan, will have to find some where to stop off and break up the trip, but I'm sure we'll end up over there at some point.  Of course she'll have to come home for Christmas, that's not negotiable.


  1. Congratulations to your daughter, such a wonderful opportunity, but so tough on you! I'm not sure how I'd cope but I'd try, just remember no where is impossible to reach and there is Skype and texting. Sending lots of hugs x

  2. Wow! How very exciting for your daughter but, as Jay says, tough for you.
    Perhaps you'll have to stop off in the UK on your way to Japan (although I assume you'd actually fly the other way, in which case Hawaii??!)

  3. We thought about laying over in Hawaii, my husband says Fiji, but that's out of the way.
    We'll be in England this summer, so no Japan this year.

  4. Well, you're very good parents, that's all I can say. I feel for you. Our younger daughter56393688 is in London and I can't be as gracious as you about it. It's made worse by her being homesick at times. Sigh.

  5. Sorry about the numbers! They were the verification thingie!! And now I've got to do it again. Argh.

  6. You will miss her. Thank goodness for email and Skype.


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