Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Poor Baby

Our daughter lives in Maryland, usually a fairly temperature area, but not this year.  They have been hit with one winter storm after another and to top things off the heater in her townhouse went out yesterday.  She's waiting to hear when someone can come out and look at it.  In the mean time it was around 42º in the townhouse when she woke up this morning,  11º outside. Last night she used a space heater and a heating pad to get through the night.
 She had to go to work  today having been off yesterday because of the latest storm, so she dug her car out yesterday afternoon so it'd be ready this morning.  It was, but the trunk wasn't, the lock was frozen and it only opened enough for the trunk light to come on and she couldn't deal with that  until she got to work.  And of course her commute was from hell with 2 cars attempting to occupy the space she was already in.
She's at work now where at least it's warm and her cat is at home in a "nest" she fixed for him.  I told her that if she couldn't get the heat fixed she ought to go to a hotel for a while.  Her high today will be 31º and tonight it'll be 13º, I worry about her.

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  1. Oh dear, sounds grim. Hope she's now sorted out.


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