Friday, March 14, 2014

Phoenix Ware

Whenever we travel to England I always pick up the odd piece of porcelain, usually plates.  A few years ago I bought this art deco plate made by Thomas Forester & Sons in what I call a poppy pattern, just love the colors and the deco shape.   Forester & Sons have been making porcelain since the 1870's and their Phoenix Ware, which this is, generally dates from the 1930's.  Anyway I fell in love with this piece, but have been unable to find any more of it.

Then at Christmas Mac tracked down this little
creamer (it's from Australia) and gave it to me as a present.
Last month I found this sweet little dessert trio while shopping online, it's from England and it finally got here earlier this week.
 Now I need to find a sugar bowl and a teapot, maybe while we're in England this summer I'll find them.


  1. I like the unusual shape of the plate! and of course the patterns in lovely too

  2. Love the design and the colour. I have lots of orange in our house!
    It's fun searching for crockery. My mum collects Maling pottery and I have some pieces too. We also discovered some Birmingham silverware made by John Grinsell, the same name as my father, so have begun to search for that too. We got some bargains on EBay but now prices seem to have rocketed.


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