Saturday, March 29, 2014


In November my Doctor, who never bugs me much about my weight, let me know that I indeed needed to lose some weight or it was going to impact my health.  This was right after Thanksgiving.
So I looked at my diet, which was fairly healthy anyway with lots of veggies and few snacks.  I decided I could live without my Coke Zero, my Baked Lays Chips and would limit my carbohydrates.  Knowing that this wasn't going to be nearly enough and knowing that diets don't work because you can't spend your life on a diet I realized my only recourse was to increase my exercise.
I already walked 2 miles every day and did aerobics on a sporadic basis.  We decided to lengthen our daily walk and I would start doing aerobics every day using Leslie Samsone's a Mile a Day DVD.
The weight began to come off and I was pleased.  Then the daily workout became too easy so I got a pair of little 1lb. weights and used them while exercising.  That was good for a while, but then I found the workouts were again getting too easy, so instead of doing 1 mile of them I did a  11/2  a day.  Then this week  I started doing 2 of the workouts and that's equal to 2 miles.  She doesn't just work your legs.  One day works on arms, one day on stomach, one day thighs, the other 2 days are a classic walk and a speed walk.
Yesterday I hit a milestone.  I've lost 20 lbs.  That's 4 bags of sugar, 4 bags of potatoes or 4 bags of flour.  Mac asked if I felt lighter and I said no, I actually don't, but my clothes tell a different story.  I have dropped 2 pant sizes and my jeans are nearly falling off of me.  A lot of the weight came off my thighs and lower belly.
I'm proud of me.  I don't know if I'll be able to exercise this much when summer comes and it's so hot and humid here, but I've promised myself that I'll still do something every day.


  1. Well done. It seems harder to lose weight as I get older. And I am with you about the Georgia heat, it can be brutal and makes it hard to get out and exercise except very early morning!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS ! Every pound lost is a healthy gain :-)

  3. Congratulations. I've been losing a lot of weight too over the past years and I find it actually takes longer to change how one "sees" oneself than the actual weightloss. I had to buy a whole new winter wardrobe back in the autumn (about two sizes smaller) and now spring is here and I have to buy a whole new summer wardrobe (four sizes smaller). Judging the right size by the eye is still hard!

  4. Brilliant! Looking at the photos of the sugar and potatoes really shows what a significant weight loss that is!
    Now I'm not doing any drama for a while, I don't seem to be so active, so really must increase my exercise. I'm a skinny thing, so often think it doesn't matter but it does so will just get moving a bit more.

  5. Wow 20pounds is amazing, well done to you!

  6. Good for you! I need to do the same. I'm starting this week with carbs reduction and I will get back to walking. I started a couple weeks ago but winter came back so it's been on hold. No excuses now!


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