Monday, March 3, 2014

Vanquished Once Again

Yes, once more the silver threads among the gold have been vanquished!  I may be wrinkled and I may sag, but I refuse to have grey/white/silver hair.  So with my Clairol in hand I returned my hair to its ashy blonde.  Is that my real color you ask--inquiring minds want to know---?  And well you may ask, my own Father asked me that one time.  No, it's not quite my own color, I was a cross between mousy brown and ashy blonde.
For a few years I dyed my hair black and that was interesting, but it wasn't me.  Since my early 20's I've been some sort of blonde and that's what I'll stay.  I can just see me in my walker, struggling over to the sink,  Clairol bottle in hand, dying my few remaining strands of hair, when I'm 96.


  1. Oh me too, no silver grey to be seen, ever! When/if I'm unable to do it myself one of the kids will have to do it!

  2. Good for you, just done my roots tonight too after sorting out crumbling teeth at the dentist. No intention of letting the grey win even though my teeth are.


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