Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Book Lists

As anyone who reads my Blog knows I'm a reader, I read more than 130 books last year.  And like Sue at The Quince Tree I can't resist reading book lists.  You know what I mean "The 1,000 Books You Need to Read Before You Die", "The 100 Greatest Books of All Time",  "Best Loved Books of All Time.
And like Sue I'd have a better time of listing the books I won't read  or read and hated.  The list would go something like this:

Any book by a Russian author except Aleksandr Solzhenitzen (I've read all of his)
Nora Roberts
Jennifer Weiner
Debbie Macomber
Danielle Steele
Or any other who does "Chick Lit"
Catcher in the Rye  (Hate, Hate Hated this book)
George Elliot
Jane Eyre  don't like any of the Brontes
Life if Pi    tried 3 times to read it
Atlas Shrugged
Moby Dick
The Naked and the Dead or anything else by Norman Mailer
Couldn't finish the Lord of the Ring trilogy, book 2 did me in
On the Road
Les Miserable  had to read it and hated it
Kim  same as above
James Patterson novels
Nicholas Sparks novels
James Joyce novels

What do I read?  Lots of science fiction and fantasy (don't think fairies but rather Charles DeLint, Guy Gavriel Key) , anything by Carlos Ruiz Zafon,  Peter May novels,  books about books (The Bookman's Tale) , mysteries, books about archeology, biographies, books about the '20s and '30s, humourous novels, think "Ella Minnow Pea", "The Uncommon Reader" and "The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed out the Window and Disappeared".

Not many women authors, but 3 guilty pleasures:  Elly Griffith's Ruth Galloway series
Diane Galbadon's Outlander series and Georgette Heyer, both her Regency and her mysteries.

I usually read 3 books at a time.  Right now I'm reading "The Chronicles of Master Li & The Number 10 Ox " by Barry Hughart,  "The Museum of Innocence" by Orhan Pamuk and "An Omelette and a Glass of Wine" ( it's a cookbook, sort of)  by Elizabeth David.  Three very different books.

What won't you read or read and hated?


  1. I use to force myself to finish a book even if I wasn't enjoying it, but now I know there are far too many books I want to read I give up on them now!
    I wish I could read three at once but I would muddle them all up in my little brain!

  2. I'm not a fan of Jane Austen or the Brontes except for Jane Eyre. Definitely don't do Russian authors either. Love a good country house murder mystery, history, some fantasy - just read and enjoyed 'Seraphina' and now waiting for the sequel. Current reads are UnRoman Britain and The History of the Peak District Moors.

  3. Lyn, I generally read 3 very different books so I don't mix them up. The first book The Museum of Innocence is a "sort" of love story takes place in modern day Istanbul, the next book Master Li and the Number 10 Ox is a trilogy based on a Chinese fable and and the third An Omelette and a Glass of Wine is a reminiscence/cookbook,

  4. Rowan, I like Jane Austen very much, love a good country house murder mystery, loads of history, have to look for your UnRoman Britain.

  5. LOL -- I love your list. I agree with all of them, too, except JANE EYRE and LORD OF THE RINGS.

    Now I just have to know -- what are your favorite books?

  6. I avoid anything to do with the future, science fiction, fantasy, vampires, ghosts and time travel. I used to read lots of historical fiction now I prefer crime and detective novels especially modern stuff but also with 1930s settings both original like Tey, Allingham etc but also modern writers who use that period like Jaqueline Winspear:)

  7. That is a good idea - a list of books you don't like, I may attempt one. Lots of hyped books turn out to be nothing special.

  8. Romances! Can't stand them because they are so predictable. I'm talking about the mass-market paperback romances. Love Russian authors though :) Love the Bronte sisters, all the older English authors, won't read scifi, horror or fantasy. That's a long "won't" list isn't it?

  9. I read a few Danielle Steel and Jilly Cooper books in my teens and don't think I could ever read one now - I tried an Enid Blyton Famous Five book a few years ago too and thought it hadn't stood the test of time at all.
    I'm not keen on Jodi Picoult either although she keeps coming up at book group!
    At the moment I'm reading A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry which I'm really enjoying and I loved The Night Circus a year or so ago.
    I would always read any Michael Morpurgo book with my kids, he's a superb writer.

  10. Great post! I generally dislike all the 'classics' as they are termed - I find them far too heavy-going, and much prefer them in TV or movie form!! The other things I give a wide berth are fantasy and science-fiction (unlike you), although I have been occasionally dipping my toe into the water of fantasy in a bid to challenge my preconceptions, with mixed results so far.

  11. One of the worst books I've read in the last few years is "The Finkler Question" by Howard Jacobson.It won the Booker Prize. Can't think why. However, I really like "Catcher in the Rye", all Jane Austen, all Anne Tyler, all Kate Atkinson. Her "Life after Life" is the best book I've read for ages.

    Mainly, however, I read biographies, diaries and letters.


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