Monday, January 13, 2014


I like raisins, great healthy snack, full of vitamins and minerals and given my anemia problems anything rich in iron is not a bad idea.   I usually keep carrots and broccoli around to snack on, but from time to time I like something a bit sweeter, thus, raisins.  I love the little 100 calorie boxes, they're perfect.  So explain to me, seeing as how I really like raisins, that it totally grosses me out to find raisins in anything.  Hate them in cookies, muffins, salads, cereal, you name it.  Running across raisins in anything absolutely kills my appetite (hum, have I thought of a new diet?), I don't pick them out, I just stop eating whatever they're in.
Strange, but true.


  1. Oh you've gone to my homeland. I grew up in the Raisin Maid capital of the World. If you look on the box it probably says Selma CA. They have plants everywhere...but I grew up on raisins, and unfortunately for you, I put them in EVERYTHING!!

    Thanks for the memories.

  2. I'm similar. I'm not quite so bad now but I was exactly the same a few years ago. I used to put the little boxes in Eleanor's lunch box when she was little, I still do sometimes. Daniel's never liked them though.


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