Sunday, February 16, 2014

Domestic Violence

No, not that kind, it's the kind where dirt and grime get attacked and hopefully removed.  Mac,  in a seek and destroy mode decided to take down my antique jugs, give them a good cleaning, spray them with a clear coat to keep grunge from sinking into the pottery and then cleaned the tops of my cabinets.
It wasn't a pretty sight, but it's looking better now.
Meanwhile I Swiffered up enough fur to make a new cat, I wonder how much of that makes its way into our lungs.
Time to get lunch going, we're having pork schnitzel, noodles (instead of späetzle) and fresh green beans.
Doing lots of housework always makes me feel like a Putzfrau---a German cleaning lady---so German food seemed appropriate.


  1. Ah but there is something so satisfying about doing all that stuff. We've just cleaned and bleached some huge and difficult curtains. Achievement! :)

  2. Ooh - I want to see you make a cat! :D

    Our house is a dust factory - gritty dust - I don't know where it can all possibly come from.

    Kudos to Mac for not only cleaning but preempting further cleaning!

  3. 'enough fur to make a cat'--I think I could make several on any given week--too funny!

  4. I have been taking down curtains and washing them, everything feels much better :)

    Bee happy x


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