Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Poor Garden

Coastal Georgia is subtropical and we grow many plants that don't do well in a cold winter.  That's usually ok, but not this year.  Too many sub-freezing days, too much frost.  Our orange trees were really burned and I'm afraid my Gardenias may be beyond redemption.  Usually our Camellia is blooming at this time of year, but alas what few buds that were on it have fallen off.  I'm worried about my Snowball tree, it looks very sad.  All my Asparagus ferns that I've had since the first year we were here are all burned and will have to be cut back--hopefully they'll grow back.
I've been looking at plant catalogues, but I'm afraid to order anything, I have a feeling that spring will be late this year.  I have daffodils  and paper whites growing inside and I guess I'll have to get more indoor plants if I want to see any flowers.
Last week at this time our highs were in the 30's and 40's, it is supposed to be around 80º today.

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