Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sometimes It Pays To Be Old

While trolling through the local newspaper recently I read an article about why the county was raising our property taxes.  Seems that a couple of years ago they had given seniors a break on their property taxes so now they needed more money.  Wait, we're seniors, we're older than dirt, would we qualify for the tax break or was there an income qualification?
So today off through the rain we went to the tax assessor's office to pick up the paper work, they wouldn't send it and we couldn't access it online.  But that's ok, they printed the document out, we carried it downstairs, waited in line and the cheerful lady who took our paperwork said that there was no income qualification just age, so beginning with this year we'd save almost $1000 on our property taxes.
Boy we're two very happy old f***s.


  1. haha! Sounds as if you got in just in time. There's always something very delightful about getting a tax break isn't there!

  2. O Well done! Very good to see somebody gaining from the system :-)

  3. There's many an advantage to be had from growing older - glad this one is a financial one! Now have fun planning how to spend the money you save!!!


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