Sunday, December 7, 2014


Not me, Miss Kitty.  Over the last year she has put on a bit of weight and it was time to do something about it before it became a health hazard.  Our friend who came in to feed her while we were gone said he'd noticed she'd been eating more too.  Usually he'd have to throw out the leftover food in her bowl before giving her fresh.  This year there were no leftovers, she'd eaten everything he'd left.
So it's low fat kitty food for a while, food designed for less active cats.
Is she happy?  Are you happy when you're on a diet?  She offered to go outside and get more exercise but we turned her down.
Wish I could get a cat sized hamster wheel for her.


  1. Typical cat to lie in what looks an incredibly uncomfortable place to lie.

  2. I hope that Miss Kitty doesn't mind too much. xx

  3. Cats aren't usually as greedy as dogs, they stop eating when they're full but there's always the exception. We have to watch what Archie (dog) eats as he really is greedy.

  4. Poor baby. Good to slim down before Christmas, though, so she can indulge during the holidays!


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