Friday, December 5, 2014

The Tree

As planned we got our tree yesterday, carried it  up the stairs and put it up.  Mac always ties it to the wall too.  Miss Kitty, knock on wood, has never climbed our Christmas tree, but cats in the past have, so better safe than sorry.
I got the lights on, added resin cardinals and balls that can't break because though she doesn't climb the tree Miss Kitty has been known to knock the odd ornament off and I don't want to worry about glass on the floor.  Even if the resin ones come down they don't usually break, chip a little, but not break.
The gold icicles are in place of tinsel ones.  We once had a cat who ate the tinsel.  Tinsel can cut an animal's insides.  We were lucky, it didn't hurt our cat and it had passed all the way through, that's a sight.  So no more tinsel, resin icicles instead.
Real candy canes, but I don't advise eating them, I save them from one year to the next.  Then lots of red bows.  
Haven't found the angel who goes on top yet, but that's Mac's job, so my part is done.
The rest of the house will have to wait, I'm exhausted.

I get by with a little help from my friend

All the lights
Almost done


  1. It looks beautiful.
    We had a Siamese cat once. We decorated out tree for Christmas and went out in the car to collect our son from school, leaving the lights twinkling on the tree in the window. When we returned there was no sign of the tree as we drove into the drive. The cat had knocked it over and removed almost every bauble!

  2. Lovely and festive! Hope that cat leaves well alone!

  3. Oh, those kitty proof trees. Kitty proofing is an art form in itself.

  4. Our cats are not too bad but I do worry about the puppy's first Christmas.... I have glass baubles only. Your tree has a lovely shape. x

  5. We have a new kitty this year..we've yet to see how crazy the lights send him.
    Jane x

  6. It looks lovely, my sister has a cat with a tree climbing habit. She certainly has fun each year with her!

  7. I love your little helper there. I have one of those, too. She does everything she can think of to destroy my tree, including pulling down the strings of lights. It's a challenge just to keep it up for Christmas Eve. I guess we each enjoy the tree in our own way. :-)

  8. Your tree looks beautiful! We have a mix of breakable and non breakable ornaments, but we don't have a kitty cat to worry about! I hope that your tree stays safe. I love your new header pic too!! Fantastic. xx


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