Saturday, December 27, 2014

We Got Goodies

Received so many great presents this year, we must have been exceptionally good.  My family knows me well.  More nutcrackers for my collection, I'll talk about that tomorrow, lots of teeny, tiny things  including a teeny, tiny snow globe, lovely treats from Japan and an especial favorite a pair of vintage toy pianos that Mac gave me.
Miss Kitty did well too and seems to love her new scratching post.
To me, other than having our daughter home, the best part of Christmas is watching my family open the gifts I've gotten for them.
Isn't he gorgeous?
It was hard finding gifts for our daughter because I was restricted to things that could fit into a suitcase, but I did find a few things, other than clothes that tickled her fancy.

For Mac, in addition to lots of books I found him a vintage fishing creel and bamboo pole.

For my fishing husband who likes all things vintage

Where's mine?

Bugs trying out one of my new pianos

My Precious


  1. Oh what a fun post to read. Loved the pictures too. Molly (our Shih Tzu got a new bed she loves.

    I love all your gifts, and the vintage fishing basket and poles...special.

    I got a new book for Christmas, John Grisham's latest 'Grey Mountain'.

    Blessings for a great New Year.

  2. Don't know what our cats would do without perches and scratching poles.

  3. What lovely gifts. I love that vintage fishing basket
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. I think the most fun is to be had in seeing everyone open their presents.

  5. You received some lovely gifts and it's always satisfying to see others opening their presents. Enjoy your new books!

  6. Wonderful presents! I both gave and received some vintage gifts as well, and they are treasured.


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