Thursday, December 11, 2014


I love the painting, the picture isn't half as beautiful as
the painting!
Several people have commented on my new header, it's two Christmas paintings that Mac painted for me the last couple of years.  I love them, particularly the kitten and Santa.
The painting to the left is one he's been working on for quite awhile, it's for himself, not for sale.
He's sold a load of paintings lately, stuff he calls commercial painting.  Below are two that are a couple of whimsical Christmas ones copied from some Christmas cards I have.

Aren't these 2 wild!!!


  1. Oh those are so precious. What a talented artist. I too love the Santa and kitty. In fact, I've been thinking about my cats from the past, and even posted them on my Throw Back Thursday.

  2. I hope Mac doesn't take this the wrong way. Here goes: back when I exhibited at art shows the painters fascinated me. One from Pittsburgh especially. Maybe because I was so often next to him we had many lovely chats. His work was large, and I thought, abstract. He arranged his booth in aisles, floor to top, and one picture consumed one panel.
    So, we'd be chatting away and he would disappear and continue "working" the customers who came and went. He usually sold a piece or two. One painting sold in the neighborhood of half a day's sales for me, so I teased him I worked harder than he did.
    In discussing his art he once told me "this is the commercial stuff. I keep the good stuff in a warehouse. The kid's inheritance."
    How interesting. I miss being around artists of all genres.

  3. He is so talented! I love the first picture that he is keeping for himself, truly wonderful. xx

  4. I have been admiring Santa and the kitty in your header, and even more so now that I know the artist is your hubby! It's nice he has been able to sell some. It's always nice to know your work is appreciated.

  5. You have a very talented husband. The quirky images would make good Christmas cards. My grandson would like the fishing scene.


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