Thursday, January 22, 2015

And What Have You Been Up to My Dear?

Good southern lady that I am I haven't been whistling Dixie nor wandering around muttering Fiddle dee dee (Scarlet I'm not), but I have kept myself busy,  besides visiting my doctor.
I've managed to crochet  a couple of hot pads, and Lord knows I needed them my old ones are too raggedy to even pass on to Goodwill, sewed up a couple of springy pillows for the entryway, changed the look of the kitchen table we never eat at---the place mat are courtesy of my daughter who loved the material and made them for me for Christmas--and spent some quality time with the puzzle that's trying to send me round the bend.  It looks so easy---Ha, ha, ha.


  1. Oh how lovely, and so perfect for February coming up and Valentine's Day.

    I need some new potholders.. my are in sad shape too.

  2. Thought you'd say you'd been to London to see the queen. Old, old potholder pattern!

  3. My goodness that looks like a very fiendish jigsaw, but very pretty too! Love the new hotpads, very pretty! xx

  4. Love those cushions!! And your hot pads are so pretty ... a nice old-fashioned pattern ;)
    Wendy x

  5. You accomplish so many fun projects! Your doilies are really pretty. That puzzle does look like a challenge!


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